For a few months Pay Pal had sent me a number of e-mails stating that my account would be restricted if I did not contact them and inform them of my address and if the authorization was correct for a very large sum of money to be withdrawn from my account. Well, I had an account with Pay Pal this was true, but there were no funds in it. Then Wells Fargo had done the same thing. I thought that this was very peculiar until one day someone approached me stating that if I had a large some of money I could go back to Massachusetts and solve my child support harassment problems and that Iíd have a considerable amount of money left over and I should check my e-mail before it was too late then he walked off and wouldnít say anything else. On Tue, 09 Jan 2007 01:09:30 +0100 I received an e-mail from Bank of America stating something very similar. I procrastinated and did nothing until now just to see how far this would go; however, Bank of America was the last one I received. I started to save some of these e-mails for evidence but they were removed from my Yahoo e-mail account. I guess that the US Government had come to the cognizance that threats, assaults, and attempted murder did not work so a payoff was probably a last ditch effort to shutdown my website and e-mails. These stupid bastards just donít get it that some people canít be bribed or terrorized into acquiescence to betray there country.

Just to give you an illustration how our government persuades people to acquiesce to their way of thinking listen to this: A few months ago I was struck by a truck and forced from the side of the road as I was returning home from the library. Then I was shot at on the bike trail. Also, while I was sending e-mails from Zimmerman Library the fire alarm would go off to interrupt; then after sending a flood of e-mails to the State of Florida the next day someone tried to burn down Zimmerman Library. I filed a police report with the Albuquerque Police about the truck running me off the road. I believe that UNM would verify the fire at Zimmerman Library. Coincidence? I donít think so.

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